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How Carrefour jumpstarted their HR Digital Transformation Journey

June 25 | Webinar

  • Flexso

Digitalisation is crucial to keeping up with the vast number of tasks a modern HR department faces – from applications and onboarding to payroll, training and more – and it requires full overhaul of your HR organisation. So, how do you get started? Flexso Accelerators ensures a quick, non-disruptive move to SAP SuccessFactors, regardless of the size of your business and the modules you want to implement, at a fixed price and following a strict implementation timeline.

Carrefour achieved just that – a quick, smooth overhaul. Join our webinar on June 25 at 11:00 a.m. to hear Jan De Winter, who facilitated the transition at Carrefour, explain how the supermarket chain used Flexso Accelerators and SAP SuccessFactors to digitalise the company’s HR approach in 3 steps.

Did you miss out on the webinar, but are you eager to discover more about our Flexso accelerators for SAP SuccessFactors? Learn how to future-proof your HR in no time

Join the webinar to

  • discover the key learnings from a rollout in a localised retail context
  • find out why Carrefour used an accelerator approach to build its business case
  • discover the key benefits, such as increased efficiency and time gains, and possible challenges
  • learn how this approach influences both project management and user adoption
  • experience a ‘mobile first’ vision in practice

For who?

HR professionals in both large and small organisations looking for a reliable, easy and secure way to digitalise their company’s HR approach.

About the speaker

Jan De Winter is the founder of management consulting firm DWT Consulting and has extensive experience in the field of HR, digitalisation and change management. Through his expertise, he aims to improve alignment between business, organisation and IT, and help companies in their digital transformation journeys. Prior to starting DWT Consulting, Jan was an HR manager for Wolters Kluwer and Astra Pharmaceuticals.

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