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What's new in the SAP Customer Experience 2005 release?

  • Jef Op de Beeck & Thomas Van Looy

Last month, SAP released the second quarter release (2005) of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio, with again some important improvements.

At Flexso we follow these releases very closely. We’ve selected some important topics, for both Marketing Cloud as well as Sales Cloud.

SAP Marketing Cloud TOP 5 new improvements:

Improvement of 360° degree contact overview
Before this release, you couldn’t see a lot of details about the interaction under the interaction timeline of the contact fact sheet. With the 2005 release however, you can visualize information directly on the contact fact sheet, such as product images for sales orders or custom fields. Thereby, you can reduce the number of clicks and improve the 360° view. 

Combining internal and external campaigns
When designing a campaign in the campaign designer, you can combine both internal and external campaigns. Let’s say you want to start a campaign to promote a new product by sending out emails and search advertising on Google. You can manage the mail campaign internally and manage Google Ads campaign externally. 

Email campaigns efficiency
Allow me to secretly combine three improvements under one topic. SAP has worked hard to further improve the capabilities of the Email Lite (f.k.a: Email new editor). Firstly, it is now possible to add a preview text to your email. This is the line you will see in the inbox after the subject line. Secondly, you can now add products directly from your database into your mailings. Lastly, if you have a Litmus license you can preview how your mail would look like in the inboxes of the different email providers (ex. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, …) 

Data loader checking for restrictions
When importing data, the system will now check if the user has the required marketing area’s assigned to him/her. It will only be possible for a user to upload records assigned to the same marketing area’s as the user. 

Custom approval flows for marketing planning
To conclude the top 5, customers can now use custom fields to enhance approval flows. This feature is available for campaigns, programs and marketing planning workflows. You should enable your custom field for usage through BAdi implementation.

SAP Sales Cloud TOP 3 new improvements:

Intelligent Sales Execution (Phased delivery)
SAP has invested in making your CRM tool smarter. With the Pipeline Manager, Forecast Tracker and Pipeline flow functionalities, you will get the most use out of your sales game.
The Pipeline Manager for example allows end users to view opportunities, identify those most at risk via the bubble chart and keep those opportunities up to date:

Lead as follow-up from Visit
Some of our customers have been asking this for a while now, and finally it’s possible to create a follow-up lead directly from your visit. Simple, but very handy indeed!

Opportunity: Suggest Phone Calls and Appointments using Activity Planner
The Activity Planner has been around for some years. In the 2005 release it has been upgraded to suggest phonecalls and appointments. This can be configured up front for your end users.


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