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Whitepaper: Host your SAP environment in the Cloud

  • Tony Jansen
    Tony Jansen

Looking for a powerful, flexible and certified cloud environment to move your SAP workload to? Want to optimize your cost efficiency and performance? Hoping to create new possibilities for innovation, scalability and disaster recovery? It’s your lucky day, because we have the perfect solution for you!

Microsoft Azure provides a futureproof architecture that is perfectly aligned with your business goals and transition map. Interested? Discover all the benefits in our whitepaper today and pave the way to success!

Download this whitepaper , you’ll find an overview of…

  • The 6 reasons why the future of your SAP is on the Microsoft Azure platform
  • The available Microsoft Azure machines ànd sizing methods
  • The steps you need to take to migrate your SAP workloads to the cloud successfully
  • The different Microsoft Azure Storage Services
  • The disk types for Azure VMs
  • The storage options for SAP on Azure
  • The different methods of high availability, provided by SAP HANA
  • The 3 possible ways to connect to the Microsoft Azure cloud

Rely on Flexso expertise to get you on your way towards the best infrastructure for your present and future SAP workloads. Get in touch.

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