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Xperthis streamlines test and acceptance environment with EPI-USE Labs

Digitalisation is becoming increasingly important in the healthcare sector. Belgian IT firm Xperthis supports over 100 hospitals as they transform their digital system. For all financial and logistical processes, Xperthis has developed an SAP HANA-based ERP solution: ERP4HealthCare (ERP4HC). In order to streamline the acceptance process of the new features, generate better test data and be in line with the GDPR, Flexso offers SAP add-on solutions to make sure this process is optimally organised.

"ERP4HC includes a 4-tiered SAP landscape," Eric Commers, Xperthis Service Delivery Manager, explains. "This consists of a development, test, acceptance and production environment. The hospitals have two environments - an acceptance and a production environment. When new releases are issued, the hospital can test these in advance in a safe environment before the final implementation of the release.” 

"Thanks to the EPI-USE Labs Data Sync Manager (DSM) test data are more up-to-date and relevant, allowing our customers to make more informed decisions.”
Eric Commers, Xperthis Service Delivery Manager

More relevant, faster and cheaper

To ensure the tests are relevant, we need the most up-to-date information. "We were looking for a way to update the acceptance environment as efficiently as possible. Flexso recommended EPI-USE Labs DSM. This tool easily copies data from the ERP production environment to the acceptance environment. Our customers don’t have to do anything - their acceptance environment will be populated immediately with the most recent data. This also makes the test data more relevant and helps customers make a better informed decision about whether or not to accept new updates. Everything also runs much faster - each refresh has an average maximum run-time of two working days. Another advantage of the tool is that the entire data history does not have to be refreshed each time, but only the last 2 financial years. This saves us a lot of expensive storage space in the acceptance environment.”

More focus on privacy

Another difficulty was the confidentiality of personal data - a topic that has become very relevant in light of the GDPR. "We are planning to implement a scramble module in the near future. This will transform personal data to make identification impossible. This is not a requirement, but it does provide extra data protection a lot of hospitals are interested in."

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