A tailor-made collaboration

A tailor-made collaboration

Reliable, innovative, flexible and solution-driven

Are you looking for a specific solution? Do you want to outsource a project? Do you need support for your team? Or do you want an expert who can manage your entire SAP environment? Whatever your needs, Flexso has all the required expertise and experience, so that our experts can give you the right advice. 

‘The right technology, the right application, tailored to suit your company’s needs’

You are looking for a solution to optimize, automate or simplify a business process. Yet what SAP solutions and what technology are most appropriate?

Our experts follow the trends, offer advice and will look, together with you, what solution or technology best meets your needs.

Flexso will set up a series of workshops, an audit or a proof of concept (POC) and then map out the possible options – taking your objectives as a starting point. In this way, we help you make the right choices.

‘Thorough preparation: a guarantee of great results’

If you decide to rely on Flexso for your project, you can rest assured that we’ll keep to our promise. Starting from your objectives, we work hard to achieve the results defined. 

Flexso is committed to make every project, large and small, into a success story!

Our 5 pillars for a successful project?

  • We focus on the results defined.
  • We determine the right solution, together with you.
  • A strong, experience team puts its shoulders under your project.
  • We ensure open, transparent communication.
  • Everyone involved is committed to the full.

Herman Braeken | IT Manager Miko
“From the outset, Flexso had committed to roll out the project successfully and entirely made good on that pledge. Communication was open and transparent throughout the entire process. For them, customer focus and flexibility are not just empty promises: they are true to their word.” 

‘The capacity and expertise to support your team’

Are you looking for an SAP consultant for a temporary job? Do you need extra expertise or want to strengthen your team? If so, Flexso is the right choice. We have both the expertise and the capacity to help you on all your projects.

For each assignment, we look for the perfect match, taking into account expertise and know-how and also the right motivation and personality. Our consultants will perfectly integrate into your team.

Flexso continuously invests in training and encourages mutual knowledge sharing. Behind each consultant is a strong competence center – a guarantee for up-to-date know-how. Our SAP consultants can really add value to your company and team while ensuring continuity.

Dhr. Marc Borremans | Agfa ICS
“Once again: congratulations on the great results achieved with a fantastic team. It was great to meet the Flexso experts that I used to work with, still work with and hope to work with in the long term. They are all wonderful people: very motivated, full of energy, well educated and open.“

‘Our support team can count on the expertise of more than 350 colleagues’

Working from Belgium, our support team guarantees the continuous support of your SAP enterprise software.

The benefits?

  • A fixed, highly educated team.
  • The skills of 350 experts are at our disposal.
  • Customized partnerships for the perfect solution. 

Want to know more about our services?

Get in touch. We’ll work with you to determine the best way forward for your business.


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