Use professional enterprise software to take advantage of integrated financial processes

Integrating all the financial processes within your organisation gives you a lot of advantages. You save time at the close of the fiscal year and get faster insight into results. You work more efficiently through better planning, monitoring and system harmonization.

In collaboration with you, Flexso determines which of the solutions will really help your company. Having complete and straightforward insight into critical information at any time allows you to make targeted strategic and operational decisions. 

What can Flexso do for your financial policy?


Your accounts are the heart of your company. With the help of SAP, take the next step in Finance and Controlling. The advantages? An easy way of working, the integration of all your other processes and a user-friendly interface.

SAP solutions also ensure that your accounts are always fully compliant with all legal requirements, now and in the future.

Financial monitoring of projects

Is your company working with a project portfolio and do you want to monitor the financial impact of these projects at all times? If so, you will benefit from a solution that covers all these requirements.

SAP Project & Portfolio Management allows you to plan and monitor the financial aspects of your projects in a flexible way. The strong integration with the underlying SAP Finance and Controlling system enables you to keep track at all times of the planned and actual project costs. As a result, you can optimize your project portfolio from a cost perspective.

Travel & Expense (Concur)

In today's digital economy, employees have more and more opportunities to plan their business trips themselves. It’s therefore become more difficult to keep the costs and cash flow under control.

SAP Concur allows you to manage travel costs and expenses more efficiently, with greater transparency as a bonus. The tool gives your employees the opportunity to organise their trips themselves, while ensuring that their plans remain consistent with your company’s regulations.

Public government accounts

Government budgets are under great pressure because of ever stricter regulations and the rising expectations of citizens. That is why it is crucial to provide a modern solution that is transparent, while also keeping costs in check.

SAP Financial Accounting and Funds Management is a powerful solution that meets all the needs of a public corporation and optimizes your processes.

Planning and Consolidation

You can use SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) to streamline financial and operational planning processes. Based on accurate financial and operational data you are able to plan, budget, forecast, analyse and report efficiently, and draw up your budget for the future. Leverage existing data, complement it with projections and get a detailed overview of the current situation compared to the forecast.

Do you have multiple entities with separate accounts? In addition to planning, SAP BPC also provides you with a solution for consolidation and reporting. Ultimately, you produce a common result from separate accounts.

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