Human Resources

Human Resources

The key to successfully transforming your HR approach

There’s a revolution happening in HR and talent management. Jobs, skillsets, employee expectations and the way we work are changing. The role of HR is evolving, and technology is everywhere. How do you embrace these changes while keeping your goals firmly in sight?

To help you shape the transformation role of HR in your organization, we founded Flexso for People. Combining Flexso’s rock-solid reputation in SAP HCM and SuccessFactors with a bird’s eye view of HR, Flexso for People aligns your people, processes and technology – in order to successfully transform your HR approach.

Why Flexso for People? We put the human back in HR: we firmly believe that a collaboration is not only about the enabling technologies but also about the people behind them. Hence the motto: Flexso for people is on a mission to humanize digital HR.

Explore the Flexso for People website for information on solutions and services and plenty of customer stories and insights.

What can Flexso do for your HR policy?


Within SAP, SuccessFactors is the solution to streamline your entire personnel policy in the cloud. SuccessFactors gives you access to solutions for personnel administration, learning, recruitment & selection, performance management as well as succession planning, onboarding and a lot more. The advantage is that even though everything is seamlessly integrated, you can use the modules separately or introduce them in stages.

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Talent Management

Define how you want to attract, reward and retain talent. By supporting an employee's entire career path you can identify promising talent, let it move to new positions and retain it. We offer solutions for goals and performance management, training and e-learning, succession and development as well as compensation management.

Personnel administration & Payroll

You can save a lot of time by automating your personnel administration, e.g. with self-service capabilities for managers and employees, but also by optimizing time management and payroll. Whether you opt for in-house or outsourced payroll, you can count on Flexso's most extensive experience in the implementation of these processes on-premise with SAP Human Capital Management or in the cloud with SuccessFactors and/or Workforce Software.

Recruitment & selection

More than ever, it is crucial for your company to be able to quickly identify, attract and select the right candidates. This usually also includes having an attractive job site. Our job sites all offer opportunities for employer branding, integration with social media, and are fully in line with your underlying recruitment and selection process.

HR reporting & workforce analytics

Do you need clear statistics and a good analysis tool? SAP offers many possibilities when it comes to workforce analytics, both on-premise and in the cloud. By publishing the right reports and dashboards, you can let all kinds of data do the talking for you and view results in real time. In addition, as a distributor of EPI-USE, we can offer our customers a high-performance Query Manager for their on-premise SAP HCM environment.

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