Procurement <br>(Supplier Relationship Management)

(Supplier Relationship Management)

Optimize your procurement process with professional business software

If you are working in a purchasing department, you, better than anyone, know that a procurement process goes through various channels. By coordinating and streamlining all those channels, you save time, work more efficiently, and reduce costs.

Flexso explores with you ways to optimize your procurement process and contract management and to collaborate swiftly with suppliers.

What can Flexso do to improve your procurement policy?


Every department of your company orders supplies listed in agreed catalogues from external suppliers through an internal website. This improves the efficiency and simplifies the administration of internal procurement processes.

A ‘fancy’ browser experience is important, but you should also follow internal rules. This structure can be put in place by providing approval flows and workflows to support these activities.

Procure to Pay

Your entire Procure to Pay process is supported. That starts with the maintenance of the supplier master data, to include the actual procurement process and ultimately result in the payment process to the same suppliers.

In addition, you can choose a number of mobile apps (Fiori) to further support the process. Your application will be further optimized and your procurement process will become faster and more efficient via approval apps for contracts and POs, creation of POs, etc.

Supplier Collaboration (Ariba)

In today’s digital economy, it is important to have great visibility and efficiency in the eyes of your trading partners. SAP Ariba provides you with the ideal portal to manage and deepen your B2B relationships.

Thanks to SAP Ariba, you can find the right suppliers easily and enhance your procurement process. You stimulate competition and avoid manual handling and paper flows. Your company ends up saving time and money and you also avoid risks. 

Invoice Management (Lexmark)

You should avoid disconnected processes to improve the procurement process. Invoice Management allows you to automate incoming invoices regardless of format.
The Lexmark solutions (an SAP certified solution for invoice processing) fully automates your Invoice Management. From data collection from the incoming invoices to processing in SAP and exception handling via workflows through to final reporting to make sure you can track the entire process.

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