Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Enterprise software helps you react rapidly to changing market conditions

Quality, safety, timing, efficiency, cooperation: every aspect counts when it comes to production and logistics. For a company, flexibility is also important to respond quickly to changing market conditions. Solutions that automate and optimize your planning, storage, distribution, transport and logistics help you increase this flexibility.

In consultation with you, Flexso explores ways to make your business process more efficient and safer at all levels with the help of suitable SAP enterprise software. Optimizing your process is also a step forward for your customers, suppliers and partners.

What can Flexso do for your supply chain?

Demand Planning

Forecasting demand is essential if you want to improve the efficiency of your company. You can do that by matching procurement, production and stock better with future demand. SAP provides you with a set of options to implement this demand planning. Historical data as well as external factors are taken into account in this solution which is available both on-premise (SCM, ECC) and in the cloud (IBP).

Warehouse Management

The SAP solution for warehouse management (WM/EWM) increases your control over the various warehouse movements. By supporting the complex logistics flows in your warehouse, you gain complete control over your warehouse while being able to track all the various processes. These solutions are suitable for both traditional warehouses and for (integrations with) Third Party Logistics providers (3PL).

Production Planning

Many companies are increasingly forced to impose huge flexibility on daily operations in order to meet customer expectations. This often results in considerable pressure on the production department.

Planning your production intelligently allows you to strike a better balance between raw materials and finished products, and optimize capacity planning. Lower inventories and reliable delivery services boost your profitability.

Plant Maintenance

Considering the increasing automation of production processes, your machinery now plays a major role in your company's success. It is therefore key to manage and plan the (regular and occasional) maintenance of your machinery and buildings. By addressing these functions in a structured way, you ensure the high availability of this production equipment for your company while optimizing the life span of these fixed assets. Plant maintenance therefore has a direct effect on the competitiveness of a modern enterprise.

Transport Management

What are the best possible transport routes? How can I support the implementation of my transport plans? How are customer deliveries done? What are my transport costs?

These are some of the many questions raised in the highly competitive market of freight transport. SAP has an effective solution to all these questions. Transport Management is a highly flexible system that you can pair seamlessly with a track & trace solution. This allows you to retain complete control throughout the shipment process – from departure through to delivery.

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