Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Choose a multichannel approach using integrated enterprise software

Your customers now choose the channel which they want you to use to contact them and they can modify that channel at any time.

By choosing a multichannel approach, all information from and about your customers is brought together and clearly mapped, which increases engagement with them. A well though-out approach in the beginning will yield better results at the end of your sales process.

What can Flexso do for your sales and marketing?

CRM with SAP Sales Cloud (C/4HANA)

Are you looking for a modern and user-friendly CRM solution that gives you that little bit extra to clench the 'deal'? SAP Sales Cloud provides your sales organisation with a solution that guides your customers through the entire sales process.

SAP Sales Cloud  (C/4HANA) also gives you a 360-degree overview of all your customers. It runs on all mobile applications, allowing you access to any information anywhere, anytime.

Service management

Let your customers choose the channel they want to use to contact you: phone, email, social media or an integrated support portal. Regardless of the selected channel, you support them with the right software in a uniform and efficient manner. With Service Management you can go one step further and link to a knowledge database. Thanks to this integration, you will always provide the correct information immediately.

In addition, manage the return process optimally with unparalleled accuracy in the mapping of processes, the automatic creation of important documents and traceability throughout the return flow.

Integrated marketing campaigns

Reach your customers in a personal way through various marketing channels such as bulk emails, direct mail, etc. Insert a direct link to the information gathered by your sales team and deploy targeted campaigns. Not only do you track your campaigns easily, but you also extract quick and clear results every time.


As the digital world is evolving quickly, an online sales channel can support and complement sales through the traditional channel. By integrating an e-commerce solution, you cover the entire customer process from order entry to tracking - all with real-time data.

There are countless integration possibilities. SAP Commerce Cloud, the e-commerce solution of SAP, is one of the e-commerce solutions available on the market.

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