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A great long-term partnership

The KU Leuven, a customer of the first hour

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A customer of the first hour, the KU Leuven has been working with Flexso since 2004. Jan Scheerlinck, SAP CC Manager University Management KU Leuven, attaches great importance to a long-term partnership. 

“By working together for almost 12 years, you build a relationship actually based on trust, which is essential if you want all projects to run smoothly. Not only does this assure us of continuity for long-term contracts, we are also fully confident that Flexso will provide people with the right profiles for each and every project.”

What made you decide to approach Flexso when it was still a small player?

“Through a tender for a framework contract with subcontracts. The contract was concluded with five consultancy partners. They were able to define their competitive position within the framework agreement by completing these subcontracts. We immediately clicked with Flexso and the first BI project was a great success.”

Later, Flexso even became your preferred partner for SAP services?

“Indeed. Flexso rapidly profiled itself as one of the best partners in the framework contract. In terms of quality, competencies and attitude, they had the best score.”

How exactly do they differentiate themselves?

“On the one hand, their proposals are always based on market prices. And any savings are important these days. But it is primarily the Flexso consultants who offer tremendous added value. They are all professionals who are totally up-to-date in their field of expertise, in every detail. They know how to approach projects and are to-the-point. The account manager is fully informed and works proactively with us to find solutions. With respect to the timeframe, for example, to ensure continuity is always guaranteed. And finally, Flexso’s approach fits very well into the business culture of KUL. Flexso consultants work together with our own people in a pleasant atmosphere and knowledge is shared.”

Can you mention a few projects that Flexso completed successfully for KUL?

“After all these years, there is quite a long list. Let me think. The integration of the academic programmes, the application allowing lecturers to enter exam results, SAP HANA, custom code analysis and recommendations, HR Payroll and Time expertise, HR LSO implementation, development assignments in the context of e-recruiting, the migration of BI applications to Business Objects and various implementations in Business Objects such as doctoral statistics and research statistics. And I’m probably forgetting a few.”

Why would you recommend Flexso to others?

“For the same reasons we have been cooperating with them for so long. Their extensive know-how gives them a very strong edge in new technologies. Their advice is well-argumented, top quality and enriching. Their development approach inclusive of their customers leads to new visions and innovative solutions which are a real added value. Add to that their hands-on mentality and team spirit and you have the ideal SAP partner.”

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