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A more automated Supply Chain

Far-reaching customer insight improves production planning

  • Tommy Vanspauwen

“Borealis has successfully automated some activities and made them more user-friendly, which has resulted in more efficient supply chain management. Today we have a better understanding of each customer’s profitability, our manufacturing and distribution processes are more streamlined, and we can respond to outstanding orders with greater flexibility.”

Borealis is one of the largest European manufacturers of innovative products in the field of polyolefins, chemicals and fertilizers. Their solutions add value for numerous companies in various industries. Borealis employs 6,500 people spread over 120 countries.

Towards a more automated Supply Chain

Borealis required several processes in its supply chain to be automated and optimized. Both the planning process and the sales order backorder process were tackled, the latter with the aim of reducing inventory and improving the availability of profitable products

Better user experience for all involved

The system user now has access to a user-friendly interface. Thanks to an automated and efficient tool, the demand planner is able to confirm backorders based on sales margins and customer segments and has a summary of all outstanding orders at all times. Finally, the end user has to perform fewer manual operations thanks to the automated process and enjoys a better user experience.

Improved production planning

Borealis now has better insights into its stock and profitable products. Planning a production in the ‘plant’ is based on the customer’s demand while taking into account capacity constraints. In addition to a streamlined production, the distribution schedule for the distribution centre is also more efficient. A thorough understanding of the customer based on profitability also contributes to improved production planning. Customers are served faster and goods delivered quicker.

What did Borealis think of this project?

“Flexso assisted our SCM team from start to finish. Their expertise, open mindedness and out-of-the-box thinking was a great asset for this project. Flexso introduced innovative solutions which were rolled out successfully thanks to our mutual cooperation and communication. The dedication and rigour with which Flexso tackled this project has lifted the service of our own SCM team to a higher level.” 
Pascale Vranken, SCM Specialist Borealis

Technical background

  • Demand planning
  • Supply Network Planning
  • GATP
  • ECC integration

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