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The 6 most important updates in the SAP Customer Experience 2002 Release

  • Thomas Van Looy
    Thomas Van Looy

SAP launches new releases every quarter. For Q1 2020, also known as the 2002 release, this was mid-February. In these releases SAP pushes improvements, bug fixes and new functionalities to all SAP Customer Experience systems worldwide.
We selected 6 of our favourite functionalities, the full list can be found on

1. Mass edit on Datasets

Mass editing Datasets was already possible since previous releases. However, SAP has now extended the functionality to be used across multiple rows. This means end users don’t need to open the specific objects to make changes anymore, but can implement them directly from the table views.

2. Freeze first column in table

A functionality that goes hand in hand with the mass edit of data, is the ‘freeze first column’-feature. This can be enabled so that the first column (the ID, for example) will always be visible in horizontal lists with many columns. This lets you keep an eye on the important information without scrolling. 

3. Caller ID on Android

With this update, Android users, too, can benefit from Caller ID. If a customer or other contact calls them, they are recognised by the SAP Sales Cloud extended edition application. For iOS users this was already possible before.

Contacts are drawn from the app and stored locally on the phone. Once you close your app, the downloaded data is automatically deleted and downloaded again once you log back in. 

4. Repeated texts in Excel

Even though SAP Sales Cloud has reporting features, most companies still prefer to use Microsoft Excel for reporting. That’s why it’s possible to export to Excel from SAP Sales Cloud. And from now on, transmitted data will be optimized for all exports to XLSX, with repeated texts being shown automatically.

5. Single Sign-On (SSO) Support

The new Native Mobile app for iOS is improving every release. That means also this quarter. SAP has enabled SSO Support for their latest SAP Sales Cloud app. With Single Sign-On, you’ll not need to type in your password again.

6. New search parameters for your target group

For Sales and Marketing there is also an important update: in leads object, a whole bunch of new fields are added to the search for leads, in the target group. This will make it easier to draft up your best target groups.

Interested to know how these SAP Customer Experience updates contribute to creating the ultimate customer experience? 

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