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Highlights: SAP Customer Experience 2008 release

Discover the latest in SAP sales, marketing and customer service.

  • Thomas van Looy & Jef Op de Beeck

Hot news! New release! Introducing SAP Sales/Service/Marketing Cloud (aka Cloud for Customer) release 2008! SAP launched the third release of the year to production systems in mid-August 2020. This time, we’ll be covering one topic: UX improvements made to enhance the homepage of the Fiori client. For those interested, the full list of updates can always be found at

Enhancements to the look and feel of ticketing

Let’s start with the flashiest update to the home page: the Kanban board for ‘My Ticket’. This will help, for example, a service representative to structure their work and start from within the homepage of Sales Cloud. Working with colours, SAP introduces a modern UI look & feel as well.
Also, you can click through most of the titles and transactional data, for even better ease of use.

New service and ticketing tiles for greater ease of use

Next up is the addition of new tiles, starting with ‘Quick Links’. It’s a very simple but extremely handy functionality for end users. With the click of one button, they can start creating a new chunk of customer data.

As a third improvement that’s also related to the service/ticketing module, SAP has added a new tile for ‘My Teams Tickets’. It’s clear from the screenshot that they managed to show interesting key figures on one orderly tile. The colour codes show the priority of the tickets. Of course, the titles are clickable and lead directly to the dataset.

Modern looks, better ergonomics, extra functionalities

On top of that, a ‘Video’ tile has also been added. It shows a company video with a subtext and an expiration date. The latter can be set so that the video disappears at a specific moment.
Finally, SAP allows administrators to publish company-wide text messages directly inside the application with this fifth improvement: the addition of the ‘Message’ tile. Admins will have the option to configure the short text, long text and the background colour.
A last functionality that is still in beta is the new Safira theme. It adds a new and modern look and feel as well as better ergonomics and visualisations, according to SAP. 

Marketing Cloud gains even greater flexibility

Major improvements have also been made to Marketing Cloud. Firstly, via the Data Load application, you can now also upload actual, committed spend budgets and survey responses. Afterwards, you can use these responses to target customers even more precisely. 

The second highlight of the 2008 release is the option of using contractual data in your email campaigns. Before this release, it was already possible to use contract data to segment on. Contract attributes such as contract number, account number, contract type, etc. are now available in mail campaigns. This feature is especially interesting for our customers in the services and utilities industries.

Lastly, SAP responded to a highly desired improvement request on SAP Influence. You can now link one contact to multiple accounts. In the example given below, Peter Smith is connected both to the account ‘DSAG’ and the account ‘HANA Corp’.

Get started with SAP Marketing with zero hassles

In addition, SAP announced the upcoming release of an SAP Marketing Cloud Accelerator. If the new features sound interesting to your company, you can use this accelerator to implement a light version of SAP Marketing Cloud in only four weeks. The following topics are included:

  • profiling and permission marketing to gain a 360° view of your customer;
  • segmentation builder;
  • campaign management.

Interested in more details about how this accelerator can benefit your business, or for any SAP module implementation support, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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