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Data Disclose: getting ahead of GDPR

Sweep through all of your systems in seconds

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It’s May 2018. A customer of yours wants to know what you know about him. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have no choice but to comply. You do, however, have the choice between the easy, or the hard way. Let’s go for option one.
The old way of sourcing this set of data, was through a number of password resets and screenshots from many, many IT systems. An extremely slow and cumbersome process; two words we don’t like at Flexso. Data Disclose from EPI-USE Labs, an app that automatically searches all of your systems, is exactly the opposite. 

What does Data Disclose do?

With Data Disclose we can help you shine a light on the dark dusty corners of your SAP landscape so you can see exactly where the data resides across systems. It means one place to search, review and present the entire footprint for a data subject across SAP systems – and as an added benefit, across non-SAP systems as well, if integrated with the latter’s API. It does this in seconds across SAP ERP, CRM, SRM and BW systems. This is no mean achievement, when you consider that SAP systems store data in an intricate way; SAP is highly configurable, with data replicated across the system in many different places. 

How it works

  • You enter key data fields, such as last name, city, etc…
  • Then you hit search and scan all SAP systems such as ERP, CRM, BW, across the full landscape (Production, Development, Quality Assurance, etc …)
  • You’ll receive a detailed footprint report for that data subject in each system. The report can be tailored to explain the functions of each system. Then a PDF output is created.
  • Use this company-branded PDF document to disclose to the individual what information your company currently has in the landscape.
  • Enjoy the time you’ve saved.

Would you like to find out how we can immediately get you up-and-running with Data Disclose? 

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