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How innovative should your next ERP be?

S/4HANA Cloud

  • Günther Heirman
    Günther Heirman

Is ERP more than an integration tool for your business processes? Could it also be the driver of innovation? SAP has recently announced new releases of S/4HANA Cloud. These new solutions are particularly interesting for medium-sized companies, as they are both user-friendly and innovative. You can rapidly implement new technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning as well as other AI applications on your ERP platform.

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At the Flexso SAP ERP day in Steenokkerzeel, attendees were impressed by the intuitive interface of the new SAP cloud ERP application. On top of that, new releases are continually emerging. These are sector-based, which means that best practices and preconfigurations that are specific to a particular industry are already built-in.

This not only ensures that users can learn quickly how to work with the application – it also accelerates the implementation time. After all, most functionalities are already provided. IT departments will also appreciate that updates and releases are automatically updated via the cloud. "You get a powerful ERP application that is easy to maintain. We are now witnessing that users are learning to work much faster with the new software because everything is so intuitive", according to Johan Mine, Solution Sales ERP Cloud at SAP, and one of the guest speakers at our event.

Shattering innovation

The S/4 cloud version is also a powerful innovation platform. "This is particularly important for medium-sized companies. They do not have the separate resources to build innovation on different platforms and let them all communicate with each other. This fragmentation of resources over different technologies costs a lot of money and requires heavy maintenance", says Johan Mine.

Is S/4 Cloud ERP ready for Belgian medium-sized companies?

"At Flexso we are very enthusiastic about the latest SAP releases. The application is very stable, fast, and is becoming richer in functionalities. Medium-sized companies should certainly include this cloud version in their investment plan”, says Raf Alexander, managing partner of Flexso. "Finding the right time to make the switch also depends on the releases. Overall, SAP will release a specific version for more than 22 sectors. I would recommend waiting until the release for your sector is available. But one thing is sure: the technology looks promising. Medium-sized companies will be able to innovate more easily and keep costs under control."”

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