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How SAP Concur revolutionises business spending management

  • Phillipe De Decker
    Phillipe De Decker

Looking for a powerful yet simple, easy-to-use tool for spending management in the digital age? SAP Concur empowers your employees to organise their trips themselves while ensuring that their plans adhere with your company’s policies. It gathers all spending data in a single location, unlocking end-to-end spending management. The result: simpler compliance and optimised processes for everybody involved.

Global leader in travel and expense management

SAP Concur was recognised as a leading tool at G2’s Summer 2019 Grid® Reports for Travel Management and Expense Management. It has a strong market presence and receives high satisfaction ratings from users. By integrating the world’s most powerful solution for spend management with your SAP system, you’ll experience just the same benefits: effortless, accurate management of expenses and absolute ease-of-use for your employees.

Effortless, accurate expense management

Concur Expense offers plenty of high-impact features that simplify employee, HR and finance processes, including:

  • Mobile Solutions and E-receipts: allows travellers to snap pictures of receipts, auto-populated expense reports and submit them for approval via any mobile device.
  • Fully automated card integration: use a single system to manage expenses charged to a variety of corporate cards.
  • Financial Connectors: get a precise overview of your budget with integrated travel, expense and ERP data.
  • Accurate reporting: control spending by relying on a single, detailed overview.

Simplified corporate travel booking and cost control

With Concur Travel, your employees have the freedom and flexibility to plan and book their trips via enhanced travel options, while you reap the benefits of…

  • Simple booking: make travel arrangements easier for your employees with multiple mobile booking options.
  • Integrated systems: easily connect the dots between all the elements of your travel spending, tying T&E to your global distribution system (GDS) and TMC partners and linking this to your ERP.
  • Itinerary controls: capture every itinerary regardless of where it was booked.
  • Transaction visibility: easily pull every reservation, track total spending and keep tabs on transactions passing through your booking tool.
  • Booking vs. spending: automatically match itineraries to card changes and receipts to see what is actually spent.

Get up and running with SAP Concur in a flash with our accredited team

Flexso has an experienced team with the precise competencies in integration, cloud and SAP ERP needed for a quick, smooth, hassle-free SAP Concur implementation. We work with you to tailor a flexible implementation plan with a methodology we’ve proven in multiple cases. Even more, our experts are trained, accredited Concur consultants with specific experience in expense processing.

Our certified team has implemented SAP Concur for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Interested in learning more about our approach or our successful cases? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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