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Jobs@De Lijn: exceptionally smooth follow-up on vacancies and applicants

Integrated job site helps De Lijn take HR services to the next level

  • Dirk Van Hove
    Dirk Van Hove

“8,200 potential colleagues and more than 10,000 travellers await you,” asserts De Lijn, Flanders’ public transport company, on its job site. A quick glimpse at the site shows that De Lijn is looking for an impressive number of drivers, technicians and office workers. To attract as many qualified candidates as possible and keep the application process simple and efficient, De Lijn and SAP service provider Flexso developed a new job site. The result? More applications, better candidates and smoother internal processes … benefiting everyone who travels with De Lijn! 

Innovation and modernization

Innovation and modernization are at the core of everything De Lijn does. “De Lijn wants to be a lean company that delivers precise and punctual services, which explains the big investments we make in reorganizing our processes. SAP HCM, our new HR software package – which includes tools for recruitment and selection – is a great example of our modernization efforts,” said Geert Van Kerckhove, recruitment and development manager at De Lijn. In addition to payroll support, De Lijn also wanted a more attractive, clearer and user-friendly job website working in tandem with automated processes to handle job applications. 

Follow up on job openings and candidates with the greatest of ease

Flexso developed the new site, with the objective of helping De Lijn manage both job openings and applications, and seamlessly integrated the solution into the SAP HCM system. Today, De Lijn has access to a pool of applicants, which can be reviewed before a new job opening is posted online. If a new candidate is hired, their coordinates are automatically integrated into the ‘SAP HCM Payroll Administration’ module.

“We’re delighted with the new solution,” enthused Geert Van Kerckhove. “We work far more effectively now, which also helps us cut costs. Our customers really benefit from that!” 

Technical background

  • SAP Organizational Management
    Nakisa OrgChart
  • SAP Personnel Management
  • SAP E-Recruiting
    External jobsite in HTML5/AngularJS with full SAP integration
  • SAP Objective Setting and Appraisals
  • SAP Learning Solution
  • EPI-USE Query Manager

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