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Managed services

Ensuring ultimate peace of mind

  • Wim Van Humbeeck, Peter Zegers

Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace. Are you keeping up? Why not let Flexso manage your SAP environment, allowing you to focus on your core business? By relying on our managed services, you are sure to keep your applications and infrastructure – and, as such, your business – in perfect shape – while optimizing your total cost of ownership.

Running an SAP environment requires quite a bit of expertise. The range of applications is growing, as are the compliance, scalability, and data security requirements. As an experienced SAP partner, Flexso can support you to manage your infrastructure and even optimize its ROI! 

Efficiency, agility and cost savings

As an end-to-end solutions provider, Flexso offers a broad, flexible package of managed services that improve the capabilities and performance of your platform while ensuring continuity. Our ultimate goal? To take the burden off your shoulders and ensure full peace of mind. In addition, our support will help you:

  • Increase efficiency
    From system updates and SLA-driven issue handling to proactive monitoring and disaster recovery: every element of our managed services offering will help you keep your applications and infrastructure up and running in tip-top shape. In this way, we help you raise efficiency – freeing time to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Foster agility and innovation
    Managed services include services like permanent monitoring, service level management and continuous improvement. As a result, it is easy to adapt your applications or infrastructure – i.e. add new solutions, scale up or down, etc. – to changes or new business requirements in a flexible way. In doing so, you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Reduce costs
    Flexso will maintain your infrastructure, deliver continuous improvements and proactively monitor the health of applications and the underlying equipment – while optimizing your total cost of ownership. We can deliver that support 24/7, either in close cooperation with your in-house team or based upon a full outsourcing agreement.
  • Manage increasing complexity
    Your applications, infrastructure and the interactions between them are all increasingly complex. By calling in the expertise of Flexso, you can rest assured that a professional team will manage everything for you. 

Crelem Bakeries counts on Flexso to ensure complete peace of mind. Explore their story.

Four building blocks, one focus

A managed services package that matches your requirements will add value to your company by helping you anticipate, outpace and outperform. The level of support offered will, of course, depend on the services you choose. We will customize our offering to meet your specific requirements. One thing is for sure, though: managed services is all about ensuring business continuity.

Our managed services offering includes four key building blocks:

  1. SAP support agreement
  2. SAP application managed services (functional layer)
  3. SAP BC services (technical layer)
  4. Infrastructure and cloud services – IT landscape

More information about the key building blocks? Read more.

Expertise, experience and a methodology you can trust

Our team of highly qualified and skilled SAP consultants has deep expertise in both SAP applications and infrastructure. Using best practices and an ITIL-based workflow, we provide you with a comprehensive managed services solution. Moreover, as part of the larger Cronos group, we can bring a wide variety of technology expertise, ranging from high-level services to deep dive technology experts. In this way, we can offer a true end-to-end managed services solution. To provide ultimate peace of mind, we make sure you have one single point of contact managing your technology requirements.

Need more reasons to choose Flexso?

  • You are our focus: every company has different requirements. That’s why we start our managed services cooperation with an application and infrastructure assessment. Based on the results, we will develop a customized, scalable proposal that perfectly matches your organization.

  • Resource scaling: as internal service demand can vary, we can provide you with extra resources to handle peak loads in the short or long term.
  • Pragmatic service level management: we always listen to your requirements and feedback, regularly assess your requirements and services, and adjust our offering whenever needed – to ensure that we achieve our mission: to lift your IT burden.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you optimize your applications and infrastructure.

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