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6 reasons to automate your financial processes

Cut costs, improve productivity, reduce error rates and increase control

  • Lien Desmet
    Lien Desmet

Invoice processing is often a labor-intensive, time-consuming process and manual data entry is particularly error-prone. After all, your Accounts Payable (AP) team has to tediously check the invoices and carefully enter up to the smallest invoice detail before actually recording your invoices.

Why not free your people from the constraints of manual processing? There are countless solutions on the market to automate – and, as such, simplify – processes like Accounts Payable or Sales Orders processes. They will help you gain time and boost profits, while enhancing control on your organization. By choosing a financial process automation solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your SAP platform, you’re sure to maximize the return on your investment in SAP.

Flexso can help you with that. Together with our Cronos-sister company Dynatos, we implement SAP-certified end-to-solutions to digitize and automate your financial processes. Our add-on solutions are based on ReadSoft software, a Lexmark company that has been a world leader in document capture and processing solutions since 1991. 

6 reasons to invest in automation

  • Cost savings and fewer errors from manual data entry
  • Invoices are automatically matched with purchase orders, within the SAP environment
  • Exceptions and general expense invoices are automatically forwarded for checking/approval
  • Supports SOX compliance
  • 24/7 access to real-time, accurate information
  • Guaranteed financial integrity

DIY chain Hubo took the step …

The Hubo brand is synonymous with DIY in Belgium. Belgium’s No. 2 in the DIY market, Hubo runs over 139 shops, dotted throughout the country, which sell around 30,000 DIY articles. That means an awful lot of incoming invoices: Hubo receives an overwhelming 650,000 invoices – paper, digital or via EDI – per year!

Until recently, the AP department processed all these invoices manually – from data entry and billing to the agents, to archiving. To free up time for control-oriented tasks, which deliver more added value, Hubo chose to streamline, digitize and automate its financial processes. Dynatos used ReadSoft software to develop an end-to-end workflow with automatic validations. The result? A smoother, more accurate, more cost-effective and a more fun workflow! 

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