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STIB decides to improve project monitoring with SAP PPM

Comprehensive approach increases efficiency

  • Thierry Deraeck
    Thierry Deraeck

“Thanks to this project, the monitoring and management of projects within STIB is more efficient and budgetary monitoring is much smoother. By having a continuous financial overview, we deploy all our resources optimally.”

The Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles (STIB - MIVB), Brussels' public transport company, has been in charge of public transport in the capital and the municipalities of the Brussels Capital Region since 1954. 

Flexso implemented SAP PPM (Project & Portfolio Management) at STIB to try and standardize project management. Both the functional and financial management of projects are now more streamlined as a result. A user-friendly dashboard provides an overview of the financial situation of all ongoing projects and makes this information easily searchable. 

Template for project monitoring

Before embarking upon a project, STIB now defines the type, the KPIs and a number of predefined steps. Then, each project is entered and tracked in PPM (Project & Portfolio Management).

Comprehensive financial overview

The far-reaching integration of the capabilities for financial planning (SAP FI/CO) in SAP PPM delivers major advantages. 

  • Scheduled costs are better distributed across multiple projects
  • Actual costs are easy to compare with the initially planned project costs
  • Real-time overview of all projects and their costs
  • Based on predefined groups, planned costs are set uniformly for each project (resources, equipment, consultants, etc.)
  • Access to the same financial information for all stakeholders

Optimization of reporting and communication

Besides the financial aspect, some other steps in the project process were optimized too:

  • Better and uniform communication by linking the project to specific departments, functions or stakeholders.
  • Both internal and external employees can record time sheets on a project. This ensures the total time spent on each project is clear.
  • Integration with existing applications enables the automatic publication of monthly reports based on real-time data.
  • A user-friendly dashboard provides an accurate overview of ongoing projects at any time: current stage, forecasts, KPIs, etc. 

What did STIB think of this project?

"Following a Proof of Concept, it was obvious not only that SAP PPM was the right solution for us, but also that Flexso was the ideal partner for this project. They worked closely with our own people and we are very satisfied with the result. Thanks to SAP PPM, our funds and resources are now deployed optimally. Since this is a comprehensive and integrated solution, every stakeholder always has a bird's eye view."
Thierry Anckaert, Senior Manager Business Solutions, STIB/MIVB

Technical background

  • SAP Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Financial monitoring enabled by integration with FI/CO
  • Time tracking enabled by integration with CATS (Cross Application Time Sheets)
  • Integration with existing applications such as Project Status Reports
  • Reporting through Business Context Viewer
  • Specific reporting in SAP BI 

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