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UI5con powered by Flexso Digital

  • Nicolas Goris
    Nicolas Goris

On February 14, 2020, we bring UI5con to the SAP offices in Brussels, Belgium.

UI5con is all about the community around UI5 and is meant to give UI5 developers and enthusiasts a common platform to meet face-to-face and discuss the latest innovations of the framework. UI5Con is a community-organized event that offers the community a place to present and discuss mind-blowing ideas to further shape the path of the framework.

Become a speaker

hare experiences from your own projects, give hints on how to use UI5 better or how to avoid pitfalls, deep-dive into a special topic, explain how you can integrate UI5 with other technologies, devices, platforms. Or maybe there is a hot topic which only touches UI5 but still helps? Like something around the JavaScript language or clever ways to ease the development process? Any topic of interest to UI5 developers is welcome!

Interested? Submit your paper before the 31st of October, and who knows, you might be telling your story on stage!

Why attend?

In this one-day event full of lectures, talks, hands-on sessions and networking opportunities, it is the perfect place to share and broaden your knowledge.

Couldn’t be a part of the completely sold-out event in Walldorf? Then this is the ultimate opportunity to meet this epic community around UI5! 

Where the experts meet

SAP Belgium
Olympiadenlaan 2
1140 Evere

Nous sommes heureux de partager nos connaissances avec vous.

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