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The annual holy grail of SAP global is almost there again. A digital engagement experience designed to provide the latest information, innovation and insights from SAP to help you stay flexible and informed in the current environment. All this starting from June 7th till June 10th for our EMEA region. But don't forget the official keynote speech by Christian Klein himself on June 2nd.

SAPPHIRE NOW exists from multiple channels including scheduled and on-demand content. Knowledge will be shared through keynotes, live interactions and expert conversations. These channels will help you get answers to topics that matter to you. 

Explore all sessions and register for every presentation, workshop or discussion which might be of interest for your industry. SAPPHIRE NOW offers Live, On-demand and simulive events to attend. An overview of all sessions and tracks can be found here.

Can't wait to learn about the latest innovations and roadmaps? 

Global Keynote

June 2 

  • 4:00 PM - Official kick-off by Christian Klein (Chief Executive Officer, SAP Global)

EMEA Region: Program

June 7 - Industries & IT

Industries - Every industry can learn from looking at the experiences of others. Especially since we have seen a decade’s worth of change to businesses in the past 12 months. It’s a good time to take a step back and look at how business everywhere has been, or needs to be, redefined.
Explore all Industry tracks here.

IT - The IT track puts the spotlight on the IT organization and its unique opportunity to be the agent of change for an organization’s business transformation. Deliver Business-Transformation-as-a-Service and meet your customer at their individual departure point with solutions and services that help them to become an intelligent enterprise.
Explore all IT tracks here.

June 8 - Procurement & Supply Chain

Procurement - In 2020, organizations faced disruptions unlike any that had been seen in modern history. As a result, the business of business has changed. Innovation and reinvention are driving businesses forward at a pace that is only accelerating. This reality creates huge challenges — and immense opportunity — for those charged with managing a company’s spending.
Explore all procurement tracks here.

Supply Chain - The fragility of the supply chain has been brought to the forefront of thinking for businesses and their customers. Companies now realize that supply chain resilience and agility is paramount to ensuring continual business operations and customer satisfaction.
Explore all Supply chain tracks here.

June 9 - HR & Customer Experience

Human Resources - Reinventing HR requires redirection from what the business needs to what everyone on the org chart needs. It shifts the focus from supporting HR-led processes to delivering engaging, individualized experiences. This is how you create a workforce ready for any challenge, how you stay agile and profitable, and transform into an intelligent enterprise.
Explore all HR tracks here.

Customer Experience - Customers want personalized engagements, seamlessness and transparency. They know businesses can innovate quickly, and now they expect it, at speed and scale. Brands that are unable to reach out across their favorite channels will be left behind.
Explore all Customer Experience tracks here.

June 10 - Midmarket (SMB) & Finance

Midmarket (SMB) - With unexpected changes in the market, shifting customer expectations, gaps in workforce skills, and more -- midsize companies face a variety of disruptions. There’s no better time to rethink your strategic priorities and capabilities to address these challenges while considering how to position yourself for sustained growth and competitiveness.
Explore all Midmarket tracks here.

Finance - As digitalization has accelerated everywhere, CFOs and their organizations are empowered to think and act differently. They need the insights and tools to proactively drive a nimble response to any situation.
Explore all Finance tracks here.

More information can be found on the website of SAP.

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