Why now is the perfect time to align your SAP infrastructure with your business roadmap

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You know it, we know it; times are changing, and they are changing fast. Businesses are becoming more intelligent, efficient and agile at an incredible pace. And they face important challenges, from lowering total cost of ownership, to increasing flexibility, scalability, and the switch to the versatile new SAP S/4 HANA.

Those are big challenges. And to meet them, a different approach to infrastructure is key. More and more companies are shifting from on-premise infrastructure to hybrid or even full cloud solutions. This shift paves the way to a wide range of opportunities and can be a major catalyst for business innovation.

If you are considering to move your SAP workloads to a scalable and flexible environment, hosting SAP on Microsoft Azure is a very compelling solution. It is the perfect match that makes perfect sense. Both for companies that plan on running an ECC system for the next few years, and for businesses that are moving to S/4 HANA in the near future.

Microsoft Azure will prepare your SAP infrastructure for the future, it will boost the speed of innovation and open the door to great new possibilities for scalability and disaster recovery.

It’s flexible, it’s scalable. It’s sensible. SAP on Azure

Microsoft Azure is the most powerful and scalable cloud environment, perfectly in tune with your needs.

It’s flexible, it’s scalable. It’s sensible. SAP on Azure

Unlock new technological capabilities that will support the future innovation and development of your SAP-platform.

It’s flexible, it’s scalable. It’s sensible. SAP on Azure

Microsoft and SAP have a strong partnership, and Microsoft Azure is a SAP S/4 HANA certified cloud environment.

It’s flexible, it’s scalable. It’s sensible. SAP on Azure

Optimize your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by paying only for what you use.

It’s flexible, it’s scalable. It’s sensible. SAP on Azure

High performance and guaranteed uptime, so you can focus more on innovation.

It’s flexible, it’s scalable. It’s sensible. SAP on Azure

Built-in security, enterprise-proven and with a broad range of tools to make your organization more compliant.

Did you know…

Don’t tell us. Every company is different. And every roadmap is different too. Every company has a specific SAP roadmap, and that roadmap needs to be perfectly aligned with your datacenter strategy. At Flexso, both SAP technology and cloud integration are in our DNA. We can help you take that first step to a datacenter that is ready for the future of your SAP-environment and for the future of your business.



Get an overview of your current environment, technical challenges, risks and TCO optimization.


Migration roadmap

A detailed scenario is designed to ensure the smooth transition of your SAP environment to Microsoft Azure.


Quick wins

Possible quick wins include your development and testing environment, back-up and disaster recovery.


Transition & transformation

Your new environment is designed, optimized, tested extensively and implemented according to plan.


Operational support

Flexso helps your organization with the operational management, covering SLA, business continuity and CSIP.

Make the transition on your terms, at your pace because your business comes first

We aim to make your business more flexible. And that means we need to be flexible ourselves; before, during and well after your transition. That’s why you can rely on Flexso to move your SAP workloads to the Microsoft Azure cloud, regardless of your current version of SAP, and regardless of your current database or infrastructure.

We help you make the transition to a flexible, scalable environment with an eye for your requirements and goals. And if you want to focus entirely on your business after switching to Microsoft Azure, we can help you with all or a part of the management of your SAP environment.

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